Once a new social stage appears in a culture, it will spread its instructional codes and life priority messages throughout that culture's surface-level expressions: religious, economic and political arrangements, psychological and anthropological theories, including views of human nature, our future destiny, globalization, and even of architectural patterns and sports preferences. We all live in flow states; we find ourselves pursuing a never-ending ques
Don Beck, PhD,
founder of the Institute of Values and Culture, the Spiral Dynamics Group
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"Spiral Dynamics Integral is one of the first integral psychologies now available and, as presented by Don Beck, I give it my highest recommendation. It has profound implications for business, politics, education, and medicine, and it will give you the tools to begin applying these revolutionary ideas in your own field immediately. Don't miss it!"

Ken Wilber, author-philosopher and president, Integral Institute

What is Spiral Dynamics Integral?

Emerging from the original work of Dr. Clare W. Graves' bio-psycho-social systems perspective, and developed by Dr Don Beck, SPIRAL DYNAMICS Integral is a way to think about complex things, both in organizations and individual lives. The framework offers a fresh, powerful, and comprehensive approach to problem solving, change, and transformation. Spiral Dynamics explores the core intelligences and deep values that flow beneath what we believe and do. The result is a dynamic model of emergent thinking systems that explain, how values arise and spread, why people make decisions in different ways, and what to do with those differences to create a win-win-win outcome.

Spiral Dynamics answers questions like:

  •   IF it is time for change, then change FROM what TO what?
  •   WHY do people respond to different motivators?
  •   WHY and HOW do values arise and spread?
  •   WHAT is the nature of change?
  •   HOW should who lead whom to do what, and when?

Spiral Dynamics helps organizations and Individual with the following:

Change: the Seven Variations of Change
Communication Skills: communicate with people in ways they understand best on their terms, not yours.
Motivation: motivate people in ways that matter to them, at this time, in this place.
Organizational Development: construct organizations that align the work to be done, the people who will be doing it, the management style that fits those people, and the technologies that apply naturally.
Systems: design natural systems within a coherent framework. Seek out the natural by using a Spiral Dynamics framework

Spiral Dynamics is applied to: Business, health care, education, Politics and social change.

Online Assessment Tools based on Spiral Dynamics :

To best support our clients and to design strategies that fit their needs, we use PeopleScan comprehensive and unique set of web-based Assessment tools (www.onlinescan.com). We believe that individual and Group assessments are essential to help outline development programs and measure their impact on the organization.

Our Tools include:

  •   Team & Culture development
  •   Leadership 360°
  •   Organizational & Individual’s Value systems
  •   Change Variations
  •   Talent recruitment
  •   Corporate strategic assessments
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